Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Well it seems like Works for me Wednesday is the only way I get blogging sometimes! Check out Shannon's blog for some great tips.

I've found a great way to get out the door fast in the summer for last minute invites swimming or to the beach. I have a gigantic LL Bean-style bag that I keep our beach towels and all our swim suits, swimmie diapers, sun screen, powder (to get sand off feet and other body parts-another Works for Me tip!), hats, extra clothes for the kids, a book, some sand toys, diapers, wipes, comb, hair clip, etc., etc., ETC. (yes the bag is HUGE!). When we get home from swimming, the bag goes right by the washer and dryer, and as soon as everything is cleaned, it goes right back in that bag so I'm ready for the next time. Its been a huge time saver.

Works for me!




Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I'll have to have doubles of some of the items you mentioned since we wear our suits around the house quite a bit in the summer months....but this will be so worth it!!

Thanks for the tip. Now I am off to find the perfect bag!!

Dee said...

You and I think a lot alike. It's funny, but I posted the same exact idea today. I just now went looking for more WFMW tips and found this one! Hilarious! I think you have a great idea! :)

tgabc said...

It looks like you, and Dee, and I all had similar thoughts on our minds today. Yeah for beach weather. Have a fun filled summer!

Loni said...

This is a great idea. We don't live by the beach, but we have one just like it for the pool.
We do go to the beach every summer though and I don't know about the powder. How does it work?

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