Monday, October 8, 2007

Deceptively Delicious

Oh, I'm very excited about this book! Jessica Seinfeld wrote this book Deceptively Delicious, and the gist I get from it, is that she gives creative ways to get veggies into your kids. Sometimes I feel like the only mom on this earth whose children will not eat vegetables. Thankfully, my daughter will, otherwise, after having two children in a row who balk at vegetables, I would have been EXTREMELY frustrated!

So, here's my plan. After I buy and read this book (yup, I read cookbooks!), I am going to put it to the test, and report here to you. If my sons will eat some of these recipes, than I can almost guarantee any picky-eater will!

I'll keep you posted!


Dave s said...

Davey, 4 doesn't eat veggies either! So frustrating, since Rebecca, 11 now loves them. I've learned to make only fresh veggies since they do taste better. If you have any hints on getting your boys to eat them, please let me know. Thanks. LizS

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