Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sewing Projects

Since I had such a great time sewing Maddie's Easter dress, I've decided to make a few things for her summer wardrobe. This is the pattern I will be using - I will make the romper (I also plan on making a few jumpers using the pattern of her Easter dress).
I'm still searching for a nice summer skirt pattern for myself, as I also plan on making some nice summer skirts, and then buying some nice T-shirts to go with.
Another quick, not-much-sewing project that I'm going to do today is make a wrap for Maddie. I've always been a baby carrier, in that I usually just have them on my hip and do everything one handed! Ouch, my back hurts, especially with Maddie being about 27 pounds! So with a piece of ugly, cheap fabric, I tried this, and it is amazing. I wore Maddie for a while last night - my hands were totally free and it is so supportive! I looked on this website to see how much fabric and what type of fabric is necessary to make a GOOD wrap. Honestly, I've looked at the price of Ergos and other carriers, and that is just not in our budget! With this wrap, I think I could easily even give Collin a piggy-back with lots of support - hiking - here we come (we love hiking!). I plan on getting a light-weight, breathable cotton fabric so it won't be too hot when we go hiking and walking in warmer weather.
Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a great sale this week, so if time allows, I'm going to sneak over there today to peruse the fabrics for the clothes and wrap (tried to do so with my three blessings this week - although they were very good, it will be easier to look at and feel the fabrics all by myself ;) )
Stay tuned!


danielle said...

I don't know, seems like to much fussing for me. I think knowing Seanie, once I had him in it ( and me in a sweat) he'd want to get down! That's a boy for you. It is a great alternative to the other carriers(budget wise!)

Jen said...

Yes, it certainly will take some getting used to - but I carried her all around Home Depot today - and not one bit of discomfort! Two hands are free - you just can't beat it! I've decided if I'm going through all that effort - no way will I let her get out! Mama decides when she goes in - Mama decides when she comes out ;)

NotJustLaura said...

Thank you for reminding me that I have a dressmaking project to finish!

Jen said...

Laura - nothing feels better than finishing a project! You should post pictures when your done!

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Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
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To stay at home is best.

Weary and homesick and distressed,
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~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow