Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Things We're Doing this Summer

Summer has been very lovely for us. We're enjoying every moment we can! I have to agree with some who have said they like blogs that have pictures! Well, since I want others to enjoy my blog - here's a sampling of our activities this summer...in pictures!

My oldest son, with some worms - a "daddy" one, and a "son" one. He brings me something he caught on a daily basis.
My children, enjoying their new water table!

My son testing out our homemade bouncy house!

Another pic of my son on the "bouncy house", caught in mid air. This provided a good hour of some much needed burning off of energy before Daddy came home from work!

My daughter working very hard at the water table.
My daughter enjoying a swim. We haven't used this inflatable pool in a while as we joined the town pool. We're really enjoying going there - every day if we can manage it! Because we just moved to the area, its been a nice way to meet neighbors.

Our oldest son also enjoying the pool!

No he isn't dead! Our boys sleep in a trundle bed. On a typical night, we raise the lower bed to be even with the upper bed and it becomes one king-size bed. One night, our oldest wanted the lower bed kept low, and when my husband and I went in for our nightly tuck-in, we found him under the upper bed! Too funny! He got a real kick the next morning when we showed him this picture!

Poor little girl! No this bruiser isn't from a round of boxing with her brothers! Can you believe that she got bit by a bug (black fly we're guessing!) while watching fireworks! It got much worse and I actually brought her to urgent care where they gave me some medicine to bring the swelling down. As fast as her eye puffed up, it went back down and she was back to her beautiful self in no time!

I hope you too are enjoying your summer!




Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.

Weary and homesick and distressed,
They wander east, they wander west,
And are baffled and beaten and blown about
By the winds of the wilderness of doubt;
To stay at home is best.

Then stay at home, my heart, and rest;
The bird is safest in its nest;
O'er all that flutter their wings and fly
A hawk is hovering in the sky;
To stay at home is best.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow