Thursday, September 27, 2007

Collin's a Big Boy!

Okay, its been a week, so I feel comfortable making this announcement (and not ruining it for myself):

Collin goes pee and poop on the potty! Yeah!

Yes! For one week now, he's been wearing underwear, and he loves that he is able to always use the potty! I love seeing his sense of accomplishment!

Want to know how we did it? Well, first of all, a few months ago I tried the method that worked for Owen (set the timer and bring him to the potty every hour or so). That DID NOT work for Collin! When I tried that this summer, it created nothing more than a frustrated mommy and son. Following the advice of my husband's aunt (who had 9 kids), and a neighbor, last Friday morning, we took the diaper off and didn't go back. We put a big t-shirt on to cover his stuff. He wore nothing but the t-shirt as we went about our day at home. He peed and pooped on the grass (better than my floor!), and didn't like that feeling at all. I pointed to the potty and gently and happily said, "Collin, that's where you are supposed to put pee and poop." I then went about cleaning up after him, not making it a big deal. He wasn't punished or anything. He did ask to put a diaper on at one point, and casually I said, "nope. You're a big boy and can go on the potty." (Side note: one time that day I said "babies wear diapers; big boys wear underwear, what do you want to be?" To which he said "I want to be a big baby!" Too cute!) He paced around every time he had to go, but then finally succumbed to going on the potty! Yeah! Saturday after he pooped on the potty we had ice cream for lunch! Hey, whatever it takes right?

Well its Thursday now, and he only wears underwear and he hasn't had any accidents! What a big boy! I still am putting a diaper on him at naps and night time until I'm confident he will stay dry. So far he has, but for that I will give it a few weeks. I don't want any unnecessary messes!

I definitely plan on using this method for Maddie as well. It was so painless!


Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.

Weary and homesick and distressed,
They wander east, they wander west,
And are baffled and beaten and blown about
By the winds of the wilderness of doubt;
To stay at home is best.

Then stay at home, my heart, and rest;
The bird is safest in its nest;
O'er all that flutter their wings and fly
A hawk is hovering in the sky;
To stay at home is best.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow