Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I would venture to say that in my life time, we have lived in the land of PLENTY. If you want something, you just get it. No wonder its hard to buy gifts for people - we never have to wait, for anything. Even when the average American "struggles", its hardly a struggle for many parts of the world. Yes, we complain about the price of gas, but really, how much has it stopped you?

Well, perhaps times are changing? Read this article. If you are a 20 or 30 something - did you ever imagine we'd see something like this? Very interesting.

Honestly, I think this could be a good thing.


Loni said...

I could not agree more. I have a post in edit that I need to finish about the subject of wants and true needs.

We are by no means a wealthy family, and yet I still think that a recession would be good for us and this country.

Jen said...

Loni, I look forward to reading your post! I think we as Americans have become so used to what we think are "needs" or what we think we're entitled to, that we don't even realize a want verses a need. I think it would be good for all of us to really evaluate that!

Liz said...

Ok, so I'm not a 20 or 30 something, but I read the article anyway - yep, 42 that's I just gave away my age, big deal....Yes, I buy Bread flour and WW flour at cosco, 50 lb bags cause I make my own bread....and the cost went up drasically!!! From $15 to $21 in 2's very sad...if I would have known about the rice, I would have stocked up on the brown rice, cause we eat that like crazy in our house. I agree that Americans want so much more, keeping up with the Jone's -we talked about that in Sunday School today.....seems like my hubby and I do it too....but with the prices of everything going up, we're gonna have to stop, and just enjoy our lives being simple...use to be that way, and worked so well that way. Love the blog, keep posting. Liz

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