Saturday, April 19, 2008

Winter is officially done!


While we could still get a surprise snow storm (unlikely when you look at the upcoming forecast!), winter is officially done! How do I know? The ice cream truck has come through our neighborhood yesterday AND today! Woohoo! Okay, I better get back to walking then!


danielle said...

no fair!! we don't have an ice cream truck!! Although... we do have a DQ down the road that's open all yr! Now I'm startin to feel a blizzard coming on!

Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.

Weary and homesick and distressed,
They wander east, they wander west,
And are baffled and beaten and blown about
By the winds of the wilderness of doubt;
To stay at home is best.

Then stay at home, my heart, and rest;
The bird is safest in its nest;
O'er all that flutter their wings and fly
A hawk is hovering in the sky;
To stay at home is best.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow