Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Blog Title

It occurred to me that if you look at my blog title, you may think you are coming to a blog where you will find "expert" tips on homemaking. You may assume by the title that I have it together in this area.


Really the reason I thought of this title, was more of a reminder for myself. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. When anything in my life isn't perfect, I get very tense and stressed out. Obviously because I have three little kids, having a perfect, Better Homes & Gardens, home ain't gonna happen. Oh believe me, I've tried, and just got frustrated and mean in the process. When I'm parading around the house, screeching "can't anyone put things away! I'm sick and tired of having a messy house!" I'm not a nice wife and mother. I realized about a year ago, that things had to change, and that the change mainly had to happen in me.

By surrendering my perfectionism, it has actually been freeing. No longer do the kids things belong in the playroom. No, I want people to know this house is full of children when they walk in the door. This means I have baskets of toys all over, and kids' art hung on anything that a magnet will stick to or where tape can be applied without causing damage. The time for having a Better Homes & Gardens home will come, faster than I want it to. Some day, there will be no more pitter-pattering of chubby feet running on the tile floor. Some day, there will be no more finger prints on the sliding door from muddy hands. I am not looking forward to those days, so its given me a different perspective for these days.

When Christ died on the cross for my sins, He extended grace. By believing in Him, and accepting His free gift of salvation, my sins are forgiven and I can spend eternity with Him! Like it says in Isaiah, "Though our sins be as scarlet, we shall be as white as snow." Because of the blood of Christ, I am let off the hook for what I deserve.

I too want to extend grace when it comes to our home and our life. I suppose I could be perfect (like that is even a reality, but go along with me for means of an illustration), and demand and expect that everyone who is here (myself included) meet a standard that "I who am perfect" set. Or, I could be gracious and loving and let everyone (myself included) off the hook. See where I was going with this?

The first picture is my "formal" living room. I suppose it could be more formal and less "playroomish".

The second is my entertainment center. Yeah, I know!

The third is my loveseat in our family room. More days than not during the week that's what it looks like. I'm certain you won't be seeing that in Better Homes & Gardens!

These are three particular areas that have the tendency to drive me crazy. Yes, I'm working on getting a better system going, but in the meantime, is it worth having a conniption fit over? The answer is NO! With kids the ages of 19 months, 3 and 5, I am busy. I can spend my day fully devoted to keeping a perfect home, or I can spend time working on things that matter more, like being a loving wife and mother. A mother who without words leads her husband and kids to the Lord.

So, with the Lord's help, that is my goal, to be a gracious homemaker.


Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.

Weary and homesick and distressed,
They wander east, they wander west,
And are baffled and beaten and blown about
By the winds of the wilderness of doubt;
To stay at home is best.

Then stay at home, my heart, and rest;
The bird is safest in its nest;
O'er all that flutter their wings and fly
A hawk is hovering in the sky;
To stay at home is best.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow